How can I collaborate with AFWERX?

There are several avenues of collaboration with AFWERX, depending on your skill set, the Air Force’s needs, and your organization.

Spark: creates unique opportunities for external partners to work directly with military operators on interesting problems and allows for the fielding of solutions that have a direct impact on the Air Force’s mission.

Spark tank: A challenge event modeled after the show Shark Tank which provides a mechanism for Airmen to submit innovative solutions for funding.

Challenge events: We are still developing this initiative but it will include hackathons and rapid prototyping events.

Tech accelerator: a boot camp for small businesses that offers high impact mentorship, and a fast-paced (2-3 month) curriculum, guiding promising teams through the processes of problem/solution validation and business model validation.

Can I come in and meet the team?

Yes, both the Vegas and DC hubs have both set aside times to meet with innovators and provide an introduction to AFWERX. Complete the following forms to schedule a time to meet the Vegas and DC teams.

Can I come in and demonstrate a new technology?

Yes, the Vegas hub has launched a monthly showcase which allows companies to display their technology. These events will coincide with the monthly Friday @ AFWERX events. Navigate to this page to register for the next technology showcase.

I would like to participate in challenge or rapid prototyping events. How can I do this?

Complete the Join the Ecosystem form to learn about all upcoming events. Provide as much detail as possible while completing the form so that we can make you aware of the events best suited to your areas of interest.

Can I receive innovation training?

We are still developing this program but will keep you in the loop when it is offered. AETC (Air Education & Training Command) is going to take lead on this, and no it won’t be like the rest of the AETC training programs.

Does AFWERX have the ability to providing funding? If so how?

AFWERX is able to connect innovators to other funding sources within the DOD, but AFWERX itself does not plan to distribute funding.

What does an AFWERX hub actually do? What is its purpose?

To be a storefront to the startup community and the Air Force for members to share ideas, connect with resources and prototyping space. A hub is the face of AFWERX Innovation and meant to be the open doors where people can come and interact with the Air Force. The staff at the hubs supports the operations, data collection and engagement with the community and internally for the Air Force.