Community Development

To be a convening force to grow and engage the virtual and physical community of innovators across the Air Force and unleash the innovative ideas of our Total Force.


-Support grassroots innovative leaders and ecosystems, clear roadblocks, share best practices, and get out of their way.

-Build, Measure, Learn what is and what isn’t working throughout the innovation ecosystem. Showcase the success stories and failures.

-Utilize modern startup methodologies (Human Centered Design, Agile and Lean) to spark the potential of projects and communities. Provide a positive engagement experience for new members in the ecosystem, facilitate the right introductions and connect resources.


Fridays @ AFWERX

What it is

A consistent innovation focused event that brings together military personnel, industry and academia to explore where the future is headed in selected topic areas (right). This leads to facilitated conversations with our Airmen that will tie into the challenges and innovation sprints that AFWERX will be running at the AF and base level.

How we do it

First Fridays of each month we host in person and virtual calls from each of the physical hubs (Vegas and DC) to bring the community together around a specific topic.

The format of the presentations is:

-5 min introductions
-20 min industry expert presentation
-30 min of discussion focused on how the technology could be integrated into solving our problems

2018 Topic Calendar

Jan 19th– AFWERX Introduction
Feb 2nd– Predictive Maintenance
Mar 2nd– Cyber
Apr 6th– Additive Manufacturing
May 4th– Blockchain
Jun 1st– Logistics
Jul 6th– Medical
Aug 3rd– Emergency Services
Sep 7th– Security
Oct 5th– Space
Nov 2nd– Education and Training
Dec 7th– Machine Learning